mostly contains information and software for commodore systems,you wont find terrible much of it here on the web server,
almostall the things here are those that where on my site, you might even have been redirect fromthere to findthis telefisk.
The majority of thing are only access able though gopherspace


Gopher was an early medium that linked information though the useof hyperlink, see Link towikipedia`s article on gopher

How does I access gopherspace today

Most browsers used to handle gopher:// links but in the lastcouple of years they have sadly stopped to to support it
Firefox stopped the support with versions 3 and above
Lucky there it can be added back into firefox through the use ofa add-on called overbite
Alternative floodgap offers a proxy by which any browser can beused to access it also, find it here
Pind`s law nummer 1: The computers will multiply till all floorspace is goneangry panda facerobot trap, do not enter, remote ip will be blocked